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    Membership Meeting
    Mar 11, 2015
    Teamsters Local Union 8 2225 High Tech Road State College, PA 16803
    Membership Meeting
    Apr 08, 2015
    Teamsters Local Union 8 2225 High Tech Road State College, PA 16803
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    •    ***  URGENT   ***   CONTACT YOUR SENATOR TODAY  ****

       E-Mail Your Senator NOW! Tell Them To OPPOSE SB500 and SB501!

        The enemies of labor are at it again, and to defeat these latest attacks requires your immediate action!

        Scott Wagner has introduced SB500, which would amend the PA Constitution to block the collection of  union dues, and Senator Eichelberger has introduced SB501, another “Paycheck Protection” bill that seeks to silence workers.  In the co-sponsorship memo he circulated, Eichelberger claimed that his bill would only block the deduction of political money, but his actual legislation would block deductions of all union dues, including what’s known as the fair agency shop fee.

      These bills are devoid of any benefit for the State budget, for taxpayers, or for workers.  The lies that have been used to promote these attacks on workers must not distract from the reality; that these bills are nothing but a naked, opportunistic power-grab by opponents of union rights.

       E-Mail Your Senator NOW! Tell Them To OPPOSE SB500 and SB501!


                        STATIONS IN PENNSYLVANIA

                        WKFB 770 AM and 97.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA Weekdays 12-3pm Local

                        WXPI 88.5 FM Williamsport, PA Weekdays 6-7am Local

                        WNJR 91.7 FM Washington, PA Saturdays 1-2pm Local

                        WBLF 970 AM State College, PA  Saturdays 1-3pm Local

                        WJET 1400 AM Erie, PA Saturdays 4-7pm Local (New Station)


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                        Its very interactive and a great way for listeners to reach out to us.

                        You can record comments inside the app & send them to us, take pictures live from

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      From the President......


         Brothers and Sisters,

                  Thank you again for electing the Board back into office.  Your support for us will not go unnoticed.  We will continue to work hard to fight for our members.  The next three years will bring new challenges and we look forward to standing together and fighting them with you.  This job is truly an honor and a privilege.  I would like to thank the Board for all the hard work that they do.  I would also like to welcome Mike Howe to the Board.  Mike has served as a Union steward and was a member of the 2014 negotiation team.  Mike brings a lot of grass roots and work experience to our Board.  I would like to say thank you to Vice President Pat Ebeling.  Pat is stepping down as VP; he chose not to run for reelection.  He has always said that he was going to do this for three terms and he is completing what he always has said.  Pat was the driving force of getting a slate together in 2005.  He is very passionate about Teamsters Local 8 and it shows in the way he talks with members.  He is one of the strongest Union leaders that I have ever met.  I personally want to thank Pat for all he has done in his role as an officer of Teamsters    Local 8.  I know Pat will still be an active member for many years to come.

                  This past year has been a good year for Local 8.   Of the arbitrations scheduled this year, eight were settled in favor of the member before being heard, two were heard and won at arbitration and there is one scheduled in December.  We have a great contract to work with the next three years and we continue to work on article 21.6 —  moving staff jobs into the bargaining unit.  Seven jobs were moved into the Union in 2014 and   we had the big settlement of wage payroll and the result of Penn State filling 44 jobs.

                  We will be focusing a great deal of time in the next three years on article 21.6.  We believe there are hundreds of jobs that are misclassified and should be placed into the        bargaining unit.  Fighting for these jobs to be placed into the Union means the Union will continue to grow.    We continue to ask our members to look for staff doing our work.  Just call the hall to report this.  We will get the IBT’s staff involved to investigate the report.

                  We will have a new governor in 2015, Tom Wolf.  I thank all our members for all your help, support and VOTES.  We look forward to working with Tom over the next 4 years.  There are many issues to address with Tom while he is in office.  Secondary public education needs to be more affordable for middle class Pennsylvania workers and some bad legislation on workers compensation needs fixed.  We need more jobs in Pennsylvania, we need help to protect our pensions and we need someone to stand with Unions.  Tom is the guy to help us to do this and I look forward to working with him to correct the wrongs of the state.

                  In December the Union will have its second food bank drive.  We hope to double the amount of food that the members gave to the food bank last year.  This can’t be done without your help.  There are a lot of families in this area that need our help.

                  I would like to wish every brother, sister, and their families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

                  This Union will always be “Members First”.

                  Jon Light,  President

      From the Secretary Treasurer......

      Brothers and Sisters    
             Last December we collected over 4,000 pounds of food for the State College Food Bank.  Our members really stepped up for a good cause. What a great success and I would like to thank Brother Pat Ebeling for the great idea.  This year, the amount of food collected took a  considerable jump thanks to the overwhelming food donations from our members, and over $1,100.00 in monetary contributions from the Local 8 retiree club, anonymous members, and the Local 8 human service committee combined.  What a great way to help our community and give back.   We all know a lot of people do not earn a living wage or cannot find work in their field.  Keep up the good work Teamsters Local 8 members!!     

           With all that said I would like to thank Brother Pat Ebeling for serving this local as Vice President for 9 years. It was an honor and a privilege to work and serve with him.      

             Have you moved or has your address changed?
      Please call the office so we have your correct mailing address.  Penn State does not give us address updates.  This is important so you receive the information we send you like surveys and voting on the new contract.     

            Have a safe and happy holiday season!

      In Solidarity,      
               Chuck Addleman, Secretary/Treasurer/Business Agent

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