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    Teamsters Local Union 8 2225 High Tech Road State College, PA 16803
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    Teamsters Local Union 8 2225 High Tech Road State College, PA 16803
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    • **** IMPORTANT NOTICE ****




          Because of a misprint on the contract ballot, we are sending a second corrected ballot mailing in order to make sure everyone has a free and fair choice.

         We sincerely apologize for the mix up on the previous ballot making those ballots invalid.

         Because of the error, be assured that the results of the second ballot will constitute the official result of the balloting.

         We will be using a different post office box in a different city for the collection of the correct ballots.


           YOUR MEMBER ID CARD IS NECESSARY                                                                       Have your card with you and be prepared to show your ID card at the Union picnic.                                                           ALL members receive a member ID card when they become a member.

                                               From the President.......                                            


      Brothers and Sisters,

                 As this summer approaches us, things for the Union are moving forward.  We have the International Brotherhood of Teamsters helping us with Article 21 issues. They are working the streets, going out to homes of Penn State employee’s to find out what work they do for Penn State.  Their findings so far - over 1000 employees have bargaining unit work in their job description. This work is very important in growing this Union to make it stronger and give us more of a voice in the workplace at Penn State. The majority of the Article 21 jobs are in the computer and network industry.  These industries are where Penn State has got it wrong as far as labeling them staff employees.   You can help!  If you know or see staff doing bargaining unit work, please call the hall so that we can get the I.B.T. involved to research the information you provide.  Leisa Hall, Recording Secretary and Cliff Hixson, Trustee are working with the I.B.T. on Article 21 jobs as well as working on Teamsters events to strengthen our relationship in the community.  This is another area where you can help!  We need members to step up and get involved. This does two things for your Union: first, it will build a trusting relationship with those who have no idea who we are, second it shows Penn State that we are everywhere, ready to mobilize.   Every member can do something for this Union to make it stronger.  The strength starts in believing, in making a difference, and never giving up.  The I.B.T. has worked primarily in State College area but will be reaching out to branch campuses as we move forward.

                We started contract negotiations at the end of April with Penn State. The negotiation team has been meeting since January to tally the surveys and generate a list of issues for bargaining.  Thanks for filling out the survey; they were very helpful for the team in   understanding what issues are important to you.  The team is ready to take on what Penn State throws at us and ready to get a contract.  Our goal is to get a contract, nothing short of that.   In order to focus our time on negotiations, scheduling of grievances have been delayed.    

                We sent out a posting about not seeing Dr. Bates for work related injuries.  When given the panel list of doctors, we recommend that you see someone else on the list. This is only at University Park and Altoona Campus.  Remember it is your choice of doctors on the panel list for the first 90 days of treatment.    

                We are looking forward to seeing our members at the Union picnic.  Please come and relax with your family and fellow brothers and sisters.  These picnics are a great time to have fun. Have a good and safe summer.

               In solidarity,

                      President and Business Agent

                                Jon Light

      From the Secretary Treasurer....

      Brothers and Sisters                       

                The winter is over and I hope you are getting out enjoying the nice  weather.   It is that time of year to think about the Teamsters Local 8 annual picnic.   Take the time to come enjoy a day with your family and friends.  It is always a great day to relax.  I hope to see  you and your family this summer!

      Wage payroll grievances have been settled! 

                                                                 44 positions are being created and posted!

      This is a huge victory for Local  8.  A posting was sent out to all stewards with details regarding this settlement.   The first wage payroll grievance was filed in 2009—it has been a long dispute.  The language regarding wage payroll had been in the contract for years.  With this agreement, the language in the contract has been clarified.  We are glad we were able to come to a settlement on the wage payroll grievances.  Of the 44 positions, some are new jobs and some are being filled because of attrition.  When members would retire, quit, or bid out Penn State would not fill the job.  As this happened, there was a jump in the use of wage payroll.  We were positive and argued the violation of improper wage payroll.  Thank you for being so patient.  Through your diligence and information we were able to fight this fight.  It is very important we continue to keep an eye on wage payroll and keep track of how many hours they work.  I appreciate your hard work.

      We are Union and we can protect our jobs!  If we were not Union there would be no mechanism to control the use of wage payroll and no way to protect our jobs

      It is a great day to be a Teamster!

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